From Mediterranean to Mexican

If I can recommend two places–completely different from one another–to someone who isn’t an Austin native, it would be Athenian Grill and Bar and Torchy’s Tacos. I got a Gyro Plate: Roasted lamb and beef with Greek salad, rice, meatballs and topped with Tzatiki sauce and a side of warm, lightly toasted pita bread. I […]

Lucy’s Fried Chicken!

You know, as a Southern girl from good’ole Texas, I have never had fried chicken! Aside from the occasional Popeyes, I haven’t had this southern staple until I discovered Lucy’s Fried Chicken. Lucy’s is located on 2218 College Avenue just off of South Congress Avenue and is open daily from 11-midnight. I ordered a basket […]

My First Bridal Shower

One of my really good friend recently got married and I took on the responsibility of planning and hosting her bridal shower. The only problem is, I have never planned a bridal shower before, nonetheless been to one! So this was a challenge for me! However, it all worked out as planned. I had all […]

Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

I love SoCo Austin! There are so many amazing, cool, and chic restaurants there! You all know I am obviously obsessed with Hopdoddy, but I noticed a super cute restaurant just next door to Hopdoddy called Perla’s. I did a little research and thought Perla’s looked great so I decided to check it out! Here […]

Austin Restaurant Week 2011

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the start of Austin Restaurant Week. For those of you who missed it, ARW is a local Austin event celebrating good dining for a great deal! Like their slogan states, “One city, two weeks, three courses.” And that’s exactly what I had. I made reservations to five different […]

Austin Restaurant Week

I am so excited for Austin Restaurant Week (April 10-13, and April 17-20)! I look forward to this event every year! To me, since I love food and love to eat, this is the best thing in Austin. For those of you who do not know what ARW is, it is an event that happens […]

I Like To Eat

Actually, I LOVE to eat. Exploring new foods, restaurants, and recipes are my favorite! In my Communication and Culture class, I learned that language defines one’s culture. However, I think food defines one’s culture. One big step to emerge into a new culture is to try their food. Just recently, I finally decided to document […]