Simply Pleated

Some people hate running errands, but not me! I cannot stand being lazy at home. I always want something to do– besides, it gives me an excuse to play dress up! This look is more casual on my part. Simple, but cute. I love my double pleated blouse. It’s easy to wear and extremely comfortable. […]

Let’s Go Back In Time

I love vintage things. From clothes, to cars, to house hold supplies, I love it all! When I found out that a steam train is still running in Austin, TX, I jumped right on it! If you’re looking for something fun to do, the Austin Steam Train is a perfect choice. Tickets range from $13-$75 […]

Easter, Egg Hunts, and Wasps?

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday!! A day of joy, family gatherings, children laughing, and Easter egg hunting. I started out my day by going to church and then home for some Easter fun! I apologize for my ‘half smile’, but this is the only picture that showed my full Easter Sunday outfit. I wore a […]