I like to call myself a foodie, fashionista, and world traveler. However, I don’t think I’ve eaten enough food, know enough about fashion, or traveled to enough places to give myself such titles.

I believe food is the number one essential to life. It makes up a culture, it brings people together, and it is an art.-
I love to cook and bake, especially for others. I cannot explain the joy and excitement I feel when I cook for friends and family. I love food so much that I take pictures of pretty much everything I make and eat.

Fashion is a drug, and I am addicted. Fashion should not define you. But you should define fashion.
I dress for myself. Not for compliments. Not for others. I dress up to make myself happy, not because I want to impress someone. When I look good, I feel good.

When I travel, I open my mind. When I open my mind, I open my soul. When I open my soul, I’m on top of the world. Thus far, I have only been to a few countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. As my journey continues, I hope to see at least 100 countries before I can travel no more. The things I see, the delicacies I eat, the loves I find, and the memories I make are the greatest rewards to from my travels.


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