From Mediterranean to Mexican

If I can recommend two places–completely different from one another–to someone who isn’t an Austin native, it would be Athenian Grill and Bar and Torchy’s Tacos.

I got a Gyro Plate: Roasted lamb and beef with Greek salad, rice, meatballs and topped with Tzatiki sauce and a side of warm, lightly toasted pita bread. I love Tzatiki sauce so much! This is by far the best Greek food I’ve had in Austin. So delicious! 

There are numerous taco restaurants in Austin and Torchy’s is one of best and most popular. Their tacos are big enough to fill you up and full of flavor!

Green Chile and Queso Dip

Left to right: Trailer Park (Fried chicken, green chilies, lettuce, pico de gallo and cheese on a flour tortilla with POBLANO SAUCE. “Get it Trashy” – take off the lettuce and add queso.)

Brush Fire (Jamaican jerk chicken, grilled jalapeños, mango, sour cream & cilantro. Served with DIABLO SAUCE on a flour tortilla.)

Left to right: Beef Fajita (Marinated & grilled skirt steak with grilled onions and peppers topped off with shredded cheese & pico de gallo. Served with your choice of hot sauce & tortilla.)

The Democrat (Shredded beef barbacoa topped with fresh avocado, queso fresco, cilantro, onions & a wedge of lime. Served with TOMATILLO SAUCE on a fresh corn tortilla.)

The chips and queso was good, but it was not the best queso I’ve ever had. It was on the spicy end–however, I have been known to eat like a baby. That means I cannot eat spicy food! Of all the tacos here, my favorite was the Brush Fire. The juicy chicken combined with the sweet mango is just so good! Sprinkle on a wedge of  lime and your tastebuds will be jumping all over your mouth! The Beef Fajita is also really good. I always get that when I go to Torchy’s. I drench it in salsa and lime. I also enjoyed The Democrat, but not as much as the other two. I had to take out the jalapeños because…well, I just can’t eat spicy food. The avocado was a nice touch. My least favorite would have to be the Trailer Park. It was too plain for me. I could have made it more flavorful by making it Trashy and adding queso, but I didn’t want to walk out the door with a heart attack!

Overall, the food was amazing and I recommend both restaurants.

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