Let’s Go Back In Time

I love vintage things. From clothes, to cars, to house hold supplies, I love it all! When I found out that a steam train is still running in Austin, TX, I jumped right on it! If you’re looking for something fun to do, the Austin Steam Train is a perfect choice.

Tickets range from $13-$75 depending on which trip you choose and where you sit. The train takes you through the Texas Hill Country to Burnet, TX. It’s perfect for a romantic date and children!

I bought tickets to the Bill Country Flyer where they took us across the Texas Hill Country to Burnet. There, I ate some BBQ for lunch and watched a cute little Wild Wild West show they put up for us! I must warn you, it’s a long ride…4 hours!

For this wonderful trip, I decided to go vintage! Although I didn’t go as far as the 1800s to match the train, I still went for a 40’s look. My blue coat is from Banana Republic, cardigan from Target, inside tank from Banana Republic, skirt from Zara, shoes from Nine West, and if you look closely, my brooch is from Madewell.





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