Media Kit

For our final project in PR, my instructor split the class into groups of 3 to create a media kit. We could create a media kit for any business, non-profit organizations, or public figure. Each kit must include the following:

  • Company history/Overview
  • Mission and/or vision
  • Biography (biographies)
  • Logo or important photos
  • Media contact information
  • Fast Facts or FAQ
  • List of publics (WHO are the target audiences for this media kit? Who are the stakeholders?)
  • One Press Release or Media Alert9. Media Kit packaging

My group and I chose to create a kit for Mango Cup, a frozen yogurt shop. Rather than presenting a plain old packet as our media kit, we chose the creative route. I came up with the idea of having actual mangoes inside a giant cup to represent Mango Cup! Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby because I would not have known any other stores that would sell foam mangoes and a giant cup. After our presentation, we gave the class a sample of some fruits Mango Cup uses as their toppings for the frozen yogurt. Check out the slide show and tell me what you think!

Mango Cup Creative Media Kit

What did you think of the slide show and the media kit?

I love creativity!

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