Easter, Egg Hunts, and Wasps?

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday!! A day of joy, family gatherings, children laughing, and Easter egg hunting. I started out my day by going to church and then home for some Easter fun!

I apologize for my ‘half smile’, but this is the only picture that showed my full Easter Sunday outfit.

I wore a silk yellow dress from Banana Republic and three toned platform heels from Bakers. I love those shoes, they’re comfortable and super cute! I accessorized my dress with two floral brooches from BR. You can see the brooches better in the pictures below. I love to wear brooches! Banana Republic definitely have some gorgeous brooches! Protecting my eyes were D&G aviators. I wear them all the time. It was extremely difficult to find the right pair of aviators for my round face. I love those sunglasses!

After church, my family and I celebrated our third annual Easter Egg Hunt –with money. That’s right, instead of stuffing the eggs with candy, my parents put money in it. That’s why you only see one child and six adults hunting for the eggs… 🙂

Some eggs have candy, some eggs have toys, other eggs contain money ranging from $1-$20. The eggs with the bigger bills were obviously hidden more carefully than the rest.

I got on my hands and knees searching for them! While everyone was holding their baskets, I figured my purse would be more durable and could hold more eggs! So I switched from my pink basket. . .

. . . to my very handy navy bag from Madewell.

Was it a good choice to switch from a basket to my bag you ask? It sure was. In the end, I captured the least eggs, BUT, got the most money! I won first place with $47!!! I actually had to suffer a great deal of pain to get that much money. As I was searching for the eggs, I got STUNG by a giant wasp! I have never been stung before by any yellow flying creatures. Bees have circled around me, but never stung me. I guess the wasp got mad at me for disrupting its rest or something, but that sting was viscous! Right on my wrist. It still hurts right now. My right hand feels bruised all over.


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